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Natty Ahamad

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My husband and I are in our early thirties and pretty much got hooked on Africa in 2014. We visited Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. We always tried to support local ventures and booking with Safaribook Evolution to Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Masai Mara was a great choice. Steve the owner is a Kenyan and I communicated with

him via email. He was always very polite, very efficient and prompt in his responses. His tours are operated by his own people (driver/guide/chef). He is not an agent like so many. His pricing is extremely competitive and he offered us excellent value for money. We did a 4 day trip with him toward the end of March. Because this was technically low season we got a great price. All meals are included and he thoughtfully provided water for the entire trip.

The best thing about the entire trip though was our tracker/guide and friend, Onesmus. Onesmus is a Masai and grew up in Masai Mara and boy did he find those animals. There were times were were in stretches when we were the only vehicle and we were surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of animals. We left Nairobi around 8am. It just so happened that we were the only two people on the trip. We joked that we were VIPs. We left Nairobi, no traffic which is always a blessing as you can just never tell. Great weather and scenic drive to Lake Nakuru. As we were passing Lake Naivasha, I had asked Steve via email if we could stop over and do a boat tour, he said no problem. He arranged everything for us. We did the tour. If you are fond of birds and hippos, please do this. Lake Naivasha is home to many species and the setting is magnificent. After Naivasha and lunch we headed, up to Lake Nakuru. Upon entering we saw the elusive black rhino. Zebra, wildebest, all types of antelope, buffalo and flamingos in the hundreds. We saw a family of lions sleeping, baboons playing and several animals on the water’s edge.

The safari vehicles in Kenya are small mini buses in which the entire roof pops open, in my opinion these are much better than the open land rovers used in South Africa etc. Although we were technically in the time of the long rains, the weather held out enough so the roads were dry and we could cover any terrain.
We overnighted in a local basic hotel. Dinner was provided and it was delicious. Although it was basic, we were comfortable and safe, what more could you want? We headed to Masai Mara the next day and that was an adventure. The road as Onesmus said is a glimpse into the real Kenya. We settled in at our camp which we loved. It was tented in serene surroundings, cool in the evening with the sound of thousands of animals. We did a game drive that evening and again saw soo many animals. Onesmus asked us if we would mind waking up early to do a full day game drive. He really went above and beyond to find us animals. Since he grew up there he knew all the locals, was in contact with the rangers. My friends, we saw lions mating, cheetahs kill a wildesbeest, a lion and two cubs kill an ostrich, lions hunting, crocodile eating a dead hippo and we went through the entire park seeing thousands and thousands of animals and again this was in low season. Imagine if we came during the migration?? Now I think it is worth to say that a real live safari is nothing like Disney, you cannot arrange for animals to be somewhere performing activity for your pleasure. You just have to be lucky and have a skilled tracker. We were blessed enough to have both! Everyone should go in with no expectations and just savour the entire experience.

Having been to Chobe, Kruger and several game reserves, I can safely say there is no place like Masai Mara and majestic does not even come close to describe the sight of thousands of animals on the plains… It is ideal for viewing as the land is so gently undulating.

Dinner on the evenings were provided by our personal chef Simba. The food was plentiful, delicious and filling. Packed lunches were provided and I simply cannot find a fault or have a regret. We had our packed lunch under a tree in the open savanah.. AMAZING!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve (Safaribook evolution) and encourage everyone to support local small businessmen. They provide the best service and always aim to please. Hopefully you will be lucky like us to get Onesmus. We are already planning our next safari to Tanzania with Steve and the gang!
Thanks guys… Asante!

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